Employee Benefits

Grays Harbor College offers a comprehensive benefit package to serve the needs of our employees.

Employee Benefits

Benefit packages for Classified, Administrative Exempt, and Full Time Faculty positions include:

Medical Insurance

Premiums for health care range from $25 to $483 per month depending on the plan and dependents covered.

Use the Medical Benefits Comparison Tool to help determine which plan would be best for you.

Dental Insurance

  • 3 dental plan options (selections will vary based upon each individual/family’s needs)
  • Low or no deductibles
  • Orthodontia benefit

Specific information regarding dental insurance is available from the Washington State Health Care Authority.

Life Insurance

  • $25,000 basic coverage and $5,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage at no cost to the employee.
  • Optional coverage for spouse, children, supplemental, optional and additional accidental death and dismemberment coverage, all at additional cost.

Additional information on life insurance, including benefits and premiums, can be obtained from the Washington State Health Care Authority.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

  • Basic Coverage: 90 day waiting period, $240/month maximum.
  • Optional Coverage: 90 day waiting period, 60% or 50% of gross pay - tax free; retirement plan still continues.
    Waiting period is defined as the amount of time you would have to wait for benefits to start after you become disabled.

Additional information on long-term disability insurance, including premiums, can be obtained from the Washington State Health Care Authority.


Benefits for Part-Time Faculty

A part time faculty member becomes eligible for benefits at the beginning of the second consecutive quarter of half-time or more employment at one or more Washington state institutions of higher education. Spring and Fall quarters are considered consecutive quarters for benefits eligibility. Half time is determined based on each institution's definition of full time.

A faculty member may become eligible by working as faculty for more than one higher-education institution, the faculty member must notify both employers that he or she works at more than one institution and may be eligible for PEBB benefits through stacking.

A part-time faculty member must qualify each quarter they teach, to maintain eligibility. Once eligible, part-time faculty will be notified of their benefit and retirement options.