Employee Benefits

Grays Harbor College offers a comprehensive benefit package to serve the needs of our employees.

Benefits for full-time Classified, Exempt, and Faculty benefits eligible positions:

PEBB (Public Employees Benefits Board) Benefits:

Benefit packages for Classified, Administrative Exempt, and Full Time Faculty positions include:

Other Benefits

Retirement Benefits

Benefits for Part-time Faculty & Part-time Employees

Part-time Faculty: A part time faculty member becomes eligible for benefits at the beginning of the second consecutive quarter of half-time or more employment at one or more Washington state institutions of higher education. Spring and Fall quarters are considered consecutive quarters for benefits eligibility. Half time is determined based on each institution's definition of full time.

A faculty member may become eligible by working as faculty for more than one higher-education institution, the faculty member must notify both employers that he or she works at more than one institution and may be eligible for PEBB benefits through stacking.

A part-time faculty member must qualify each quarter they teach, to maintain eligibility. Once eligible, part-time faculty will be notified of their benefit and retirement options.

Part-Time Employees: A part time employee becomes eligible for PEBB Benefits An employee expected to exceed 6 months of employment at 1/2 time or more is eligible for health benefits.  If it is determined that the employee will exceed this limit at the start of employment, we begin paying for health care the firs to the month after the position begins. Employees who work 480 hours or more (an average of 80 hours/month) within a rolling 6 month period become eligible for health care benefits on the 1st day of the seventh month.  These benefits will continue as long as the employee works at least 8 hours each month.  If, after establishing eligibility, the employee does not work at least 8 hours during one month, their health care benefits are dropped. (Does not apply to employees in the Work-Study program).

A part-time employee becomes eligible for retirement benefits when an employee works more than 69 hours per month (5 non-consecutive months or more) during the school year, for 2 consecutive years.