About the Grays Harbor College Foundation

The GHC Foundation is a community-based organization that solicits, receives, manages and disburses gifts that support Grays Harbor College students, faculty, programs, and building projects.


The GHC Foundation seeks to increase opportunities for deserving students to realize their educational goals by offering scholarship assistance and strong support of the academic environment of the college. 


  • Build a stable base of support that will fund scholarships.
  • Provide support for faculty and staff advancement opportunities.
  • Offer means of furthering community and alumni involvement. 

Foundation Board of Directors

The GHC Foundation Board of Directors invest in the Twin Harbors’ most important resource, its people. The Foundation lends the ability to respond with flexibility to community, instructional and scholarship needs. With the investment of time and involvement by the GHC Foundation Board Members, lives are enriched, hopes are boosted and dreams of college educations are promised well into the future. 

Executive Committee

Tim Martin, President
Lynn Kessler, Vice-President
Lynn Green, Secretary
Mary Nelson, Treasurer
Bob Paylor, Past-President

Board Members

Joy Beard-Eggert
Julianne Hanner
Rich Hole
Shelli Hopsecger
Ken Hunt
Natalie Karnas
Gary Morean
Wes Peterson
Stephen I. Rupert
Tim Russ
Randy Rust
Gene Schermer
Alissa Shay
Rhonda Steinman
Arlene Torgerson
Harold Warren
Bill Wolfenbarger
Bette Worth

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Jim Minkler, President GHC
Dr. Harry Carthum, Trustee GHC

Emeritus Directors

Ernie Ingram (dec.)
Frank Larner (dec.)
Robert Preble
James Stewart (dec.)


Lisa J. Smith, Executive Director
PJ Daugherty, Program Specialist