GHC Foundation - History

The Grays Harbor College Foundation was established as a nonprofit Washington Corporation in 1963, making it one of the oldest community college foundations in Washington State.  At inception, the Foundation was managed by a board of nine trustees that were civic-minded persons who agreed to give their time and energies on behalf of the college.  The founding trustees were:

  • Elmer Huhta, President
  • Edward Smith, Vice President
  • Ernest Ingram, Secretary-Treasurer
  • John Anderson, Trustee
  • Don Arthaud, Trustee
  • Mrs. E.K. Bishop, Trustee
  • Roy Landberg, Trustee
  • Larry Weinstein, Trustee
  • Floyd Vammen, Trustee

Today, the Foundation’s board is comprised of over 20 civic-minded leaders from Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties who invest their time and energy into carrying out its mission.  For over 55 years, the Grays Harbor College Foundation has been dedicated to supporting the success of students and the academic environment at Grays Harbor College!