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The GHC Foundation is committed to helping students from all backgrounds achieve their academic and career goals, and our diverse array of scholarship programs is designed to make this possible. Whether you're a recent high school graduate, a returning student, or someone looking to advance your career through education, we offer scholarships that can alleviate the financial burden and empower you to focus on your studies.

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General Scholarships

We offer an extensive range of scholarships to offset the cost of tuition, books, and fees. Eligible students have the opportunity to receive scholarship awards of up to $5,000 per academic year.

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Tool Scholarships

The Hughes Tool Scholarship assists GHC Industrial Technology, Medical Assisting, and Nursing students in acquiring essential tools for their vocational studies. For Forestry and Natural Resources students at Grays Harbor College, the James Davis Trust provides funding for tools and equipment required for coursework that will be applied in their future careers.

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Bishop Scholarships

The E.K. and Lillian F. Bishop Endowed Scholarship Program is designed to support college juniors, seniors, and graduate students in their pursuit of higher education. This program, established in honor of the generous benefactors from the region, E.K. and Lillian F. Bishop, aims to recognize and assist deserving Grays Harbor students as they work towards achieving their educational aspirations.

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World Class Scholars

The World Class Scholar (WCS) program represents a collaborative effort between students, parents, and Grays Harbor College. This unique partnership offers a clear path to higher education for students in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties, starting as early as 9th grade, with the promise of a scholarship from the GHC Foundation upon program completion.

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Other Scholarship Resources

Beyond the scholarships provided by the Grays Harbor College Foundation, numerous additional scholarship opportunities are available through various donors and organizations.