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The Grays Harbor College Learning Center offers the following links for students who may need assistance with these subjects.

These lists are not intended to be comprehensive; there are an abundance of online resources available. These sites were chosen for their ease of navigation as much as for their content. They are intended solely to assist students, not to provide the ultimate word on student work. Information provided is often under continuous review and is routinely updated. Any questions or discrepancies students find between online resources and their understanding of class instruction should be addressed to instructors. As always, students are responsible for their own work and instructors are its final arbiters.

Note: Links will take you outside the GHC website, many to other schools. If directed to contact staff, please contact the appropriate GHC staff.

English / Writing





Please be careful about using citation machines, either through Word or online. Many of them only work for basic sources—books with one author, standard articles—and even then, they get close, but are not 100%, and require you to know some of the formatting in order to fill in the information. This is especially true with APA; I have yet to find one that works correctly.

Computer Skills

Learn or Practice Typing

Typing Lessons:

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