Alternatively Formatted Text

Disabilities affecting access to printed materials may qualify for text (e.g. textbooks, articles, handouts, etc.) in an alternative format such as audio or enlarged text.  Students may be required to provide historical and/or recent documentation regarding the diagnosis that substantially affects accessing printed material and complete an Intake Interview with AccessAbility Services (AAS).

Types of Alternative Formats

  • Audio Files
  • Enlarged Materials
  • Braille

Activating this Accomodation

  1. Once a student has registered for classes contact AAS to request Letter of Accommodation and Alternative Text
  2. AAS will contact student via email when alternative texts are ready
  3. AAS must receive a copy of the purchase receipt or the textbook cover before students can receive text in alternative format.
  4. Student must sign the Agreement on the Use of Recorded, Electronic, or Other Alternatively Formatted Course Materials.

Please Note:  When alternative format is needed for lecture material (e.g. Articles, handouts, PowerPoint, etc.) contact AAS to receive material in alternative format.