Testing Accomodations

Disabilities affecting access to testing materials and/or testing process may qualify for testing accommodations. Students are to provide historical and/or recent documentation regarding the diagnosis that substantially affects test taking and complete an Intake Interview with Accessibility Services (AS).

Please Note: Testing accommodations are not intended to alter the construct of the test being measured or invalidate the results. Reasonable testing accommodations are changes made in the administration of the test in order to remove obstacles to the test-taking process that are presented by the disability without changing the constructs being tested. Below is general information about testing accommodations but is not limited to:

Types of Test Accommodations

Extended Test Time

The most frequent extended test time is time and a half.  Certain circumstances warrant double time such as requiring alternative format for text presentation (e.g.. Braille, reader, or scribe). Extended time beyond double time requires specific direction from the medical professional in the related field of disability and consultation with AS.


Students who qualify for a test in audio format are provided either with an AS reader who reads the test in person or by using Kurzweil.

Alternative Test Site

Students who use supportive services such as a Scribe, Reader, Extended Time, etc., or who qualify for an alternative test site can work with their instructor and AS to reserve a private room.  Students may also qualify to use the Testing Center.  Note: The testing accommodations should not cause the student to miss instruction time.

Assistive Technology

The AS Office can facilitate the use of adaptive equipment such as a closed circuit television (CCTV) or a voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking for students who require assistive technology to complete a test.

Large Print

When students require a large print to view the test, students should contact the instructor 1 week before the exam to discuss this accommodation.


If a test is required to be formatted in Braille the student needs to contact the instructor and AS 1 week before the exam.


Once the instructor or student has notified AS that a proctor is required, AS will schedule the proctor for the test.


Students whose disability affects writing or typing may be provided a scribe for tests.

Process for Activating Testing Accommodations

  1. Schedule an appointment with the instructor early in the quarter to discuss testing accommodations outlined in the Letter of Accommodation (LOA).
  2. 3 school days before each quiz/test, organize testing accommodations with instructor and the testing center by filling out the Accommodated Test Proctoring Request for GHC Students form.
  3. If alternate testing is through AS (e.g. separate test location, reader, scribe, etc.), the student must make an appointment with the AS office, 3 business days before the test.
  4. Instructors can submit a testing request with the ability to upload their exams by filling out the Accommodated Test Proctoring - GHC Faculty form.

Please Note

  • Students are encouraged to schedule their test as soon as they know the quiz/test date.  If the instructor, the Testing Center, or AS does not hear from a student 3 school days before an exam, test accommodations may not be in place the day of the test.
  • If the student misses an exam, the student is responsible for contacting the instructor to reschedule the exam.  Once the student and instructor determine a new test date/time, the student is to contact AS or the Testing Center to schedule test.

Have Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 360-538-4143 or email us at accessibility@ghc.edu.