Faculty's Rights

What rights do faculty have in regards to  a student's academic accommodations?

  • Maintain academic standards for courses
  • Determine course content and how it will be taught
  • Confirm a student’s request for accommodations and ask for clarification about a specific accommodation with AccessAbility Services (AAS)
  • Deny a request for accommodation - if the student has not been approved for such accommodation
  • Award grades appropriate to the level of the student’s demonstration of mastery of material
  • Fail a student who does not perform to passing standards

Failing a student who receives accommodations

A student with a disability has a right to fail like anyone else!  The question centers on compliance with the civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination. These laws mandate access to education…not guaranteed academic success. When a faculty member has done all that is required to assure equal access, then flunking the ill-prepared or under-qualified student is proper and lawful…regardless of disability.

Over accommodating a Student 

In addition to faculty's rights, one must also be careful not to accommodate a student beyond the scope of the accommodations a student qualifies for.  The following is an article written by Jane E. Jarrow, Ph.D titled When Faculty Are TOO Accommodating. This article discusses the possible consequences that could occur if a student is over accommodated and the impact this can have on the faculty member, institution, and student.