Disabilities affecting access to audio or visual course material such as lectures, group discussions, campus activities, and/or meetings with instructors may qualify for interpreting services. Students may be required to provide historical and/or recent documentation regarding the diagnosis that substantially affects audio or visual access and complete an Intake Interview with the AccessAbility Services (AAS) Coordinator.

Activate this Accomodation

  1. Each quarter contact AAS as soon as registration for classes is completed.  
  2. Once a student has requested Interpreters, AAS will organize and match interpreters for the student's classes.
  3. Students are responsible for self-advocating and for contacting AAS in a timely manner when problems or questions arise about this accommodation.

Please Note:  To guarantee interpreters availability for classes, it is necessary for students to give advance notice (i.e. 2 to 4 weeks) to AAS.  If adequate time is not given students need to understand the limitations of timely recruitment of interpreters. 

IMPORTANT:  For students who fail to provide 24-hour notification for more than 3 consecutive school days, interpreting services may be suspended until they meet with the AAS Specialist to discuss their attendance. Reinstatement of suspended accommodation services may not be immediate due to the time required to re-coordinate Interpreters' schedules.