Note-Taking Accomodations

Disabilities affecting access to the lecture material may qualify for note-taking accommodations.  Student may be required to provide historical and/or recent documentation regarding the diagnosis that hinders access to lecture material.  An Intake Interview with AccessAbility Services (AAS) must be completed as part of the process for qualifying for note-taking accommodations. 

Activating this Accommodation

  1. Schedule an appointment with the instructor early in the quarter to discuss note-taking and other accommodations outlined in the student's Letter of Accommodation (LOA).
  2. Request instructors to read the AAS Note-taking Letter attached to student's LOA; this letter asks for a volunteer classmate to provide copies of lecture notes, without revealing student's name.  (If no classmate volunteers contact AAS).
  3. Once a classmate has been identified the instructor will direct the classmate note-taker to AAS to complete paperwork.  At the end of the quarter, AAS will pay the volunteer note-taker $50 for their service.
  4. Students are responsible for self-advocating and for contacting AAS in a timely manner when problems or questions arise about note-taking accommodations.

Please Note:  Students who prefer anonymity can arrange to have the note-taker leave the notes with the instructor or the AAS office.

Guidelines for this Accommodation

  • Having notes provided by a classmate does not supplement attendance unless otherwise stipulated by the AAS office.
  • Notes are solely for the AAS student's personal use in study and preparation related to the class.
  • The student should develop an alternative plan with the instructor in the event the classmate note-taker is absent.