Patrick Martin, Math Faculty

Patrick Martin, Math Faculty

What subject do you teach?

I teach a sequence of online math classes from arithmetic to college level:

  • Math 060 – Fundamentals of Arithmetic
  • Math 070 – Beginning Algebra
  • Math 097 – Essentials of Intermediate Algebra
  • Math&107 – Math in Society

You can find free video lessons for pre-college math classes in our online Math Brush Ups.

What about your subject(s) gets you passionate?

I like the insights that math can give to our lives and our world:

  • A logistic model shows that our world’s population will probably level off at 11 billion by about 2080 (Hans Gosling).
  • In one amazing Sankey chart we can see where all of the energy in the US comes from and where it goes. (We reject 68% of the energy we produce.)
  • 69% of problems in relationships are unsolvable (The Mathematics of Marriage, Gottman).

I like the simplicity of math:

  • A simple formula makes GPS possible: E=mc2
  • Saving $100 per week throughout your adult life will likely give retirement savings of around one million dollars, even adjusting for inflation! Savings = Deposit(1+rt-1)r

Why do you love teaching at GHC

Because we have the best students, the best faculty and the best staff! J Our students are hard-working, appreciative and ambitious. GHC attracts and retains caring, resourceful and talented faculty and staff.

What are some of the cool experiences that students can look forward to in your classes?

You will learn useful math applications for your life as a student, worker, citizen and consumer (some examples above). You will discover that you can do math – if you did not realize this already. J

What is your favorite part about working at GHC?

Helping students achieve their goals from pre-college math to degree completion. I love to see students learn more than they thought possible, gaining skills and knowledge for a more fulfilling life.

What do you do when you’re not teaching at GHC (that you’d be comfortable sharing publicly)?

I try to cook like Gordon Ramsey for my family, run with my dog and play Irish music (not all at the same time). I like giving Irish directions to tourists:

Tourist: Is this the right road for Hoquiam?

It’s the right road, but you’re going the wrong way.

Tourist: What’s the quickest way to Olympia?

Are you walking or driving sir?

Tourist: Driving.

That would be the quickest way.

Anything else students should know about you or your classes?

You will do great! Just make sure you have two hours per day for your math class and contact me for help if needed. Before you take a placement test or a math class, I highly recommend that you review using our free online Math Brush Up lessons.