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The Arena

The Esports Arena at GHC is located in room 2312 on the third floor of the Manspeaker Instructional Building (building 2000, main campus, Aberdeen).

Thanks to the Associated Students of Grays Harbor College (ASGHC) and our sponsors, our arena features 12 top-of-the-line MSI Trident computers, Logitech gaming gear, and gaming chairs. In addition to the PCs, we have a central Nintendo station featuring two Switches, network connectivity, and dual-displays - including a 65" LG UHD TV display for spectators. The arena also houses our dedicated broadcast production and VOD review station.

GHC Students in an Esports competition

Gaming Computers

MSI Trident A Plus 9SD Gaming Stations

  • Intel Core i7 9700F Processor

  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER

  • 1TB SSD

Optix MAG27QR Monitors

  • 27" 2560 x 1440 WQHD

  • VA Panel with 1ms Response

  • 165Hz refresh via D-port / 144Hz via HDMI

Sades A60 USB headsets

Logitech keyboard

Logitech mice

Sony DS4 controllers (multiple colors)

Microsoft Xbox One controllers (multiple colors)

MSI Trident A Plus 9SD Gaming Stations

GHC Student sitting at a computer playing a game

Nintendo Station

  • 2 Nintendo Switch consoles

  • 2 ethernet adapters for LAN play

  • 2 Nintendo GameCube ports

  • 4 NIntendo GameCube controllers

  • 2 Nintendo Pro Controllers

  • 2 BenQ hi-refresh 60hz monitors

  • 2 65" LG UHD flat screen wall mounted TVs

Broadcast / VOD Review Station & Features

Cyberpower PC

  • Intel Core i9 Processor

  • 48GB RAM

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER graphics adapter


We welcome and respect gamers of all types, from all places and backgrounds.

Harassment based on any aspect of a person’s identity will not be tolerated.

  • No toxicity allowed. Behaviors that create an intolerable environment such as bullying, threats of violence, stalking, or other forms of intimidation will not be tolerated.

  • No cheating, gambling, pornography, or illegal activity allowed.

  • If you see something, say something.

Arena Rules

  • Food and open drink containers are not permitted near the computers or on desks.

  • Do not plug in personal peripherals or USB devices without permission from arena staff.

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