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Hey you.

Yes, you.

We want you to be here, playing games, working to improve in competitive gaming, and developing invaluable skills for the work place of today. It all starts by joining GHC.

Limited scholarships are available. Let's get in touch and see what we can do.

And we're looking for players, casters, coaches, media and graphics students, and folks interested in broadcasting. And social media. And sponsorships!

So come on over. We've got work to do.

How It Works

  • fill out the the esports intent form - we'll establish contact with you
  • apply to GHC
  • fill out a FAFSA (financial aid application)
  • register for classes, play games, win :D

Esports Recruitment Form

Looking to be in the loop for community events, league nights, and other announcements? You got it. Sign up, we'll let you know when the cool things go down.


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