Student Club FAQs

So you want to start a club. Now what?

The process is fairly easy and straightforward. Below is a list of steps you will need to follow in order to start a new club: 

  1. Students who wish to start a new club must first review the current recognized clubs to identify if there is already a similar club.
  2. Students interested in starting a club should read the updated Club Handbook for policies and procedures that clubs must abide by.
  3. You will need to finds five other students who want to be a part of your club. You also will need to find a full-time faculty or staff member to serve as your advisor. The club advisor needs to read the Club Handbook to understand the responsibilities expected of them as a club advisor and sign the advisor agreement with the Director of Student Life.
  4. Once five students are recruited and an advisor is secured, you must submit the Club Registration and Renewal form and submit all required documents. The form requires information of five students who are the officers of the club, advisor information, meeting information, a purpose statement, and complete the application questions.
  5. Finally, the Vice President for Engagement and Involvement will reach out to schedule a meeting to go over your application. You will then need to attend the next weekly student government meeting to request approval. If approved, you will receive a $200 supply budget and your club can start operating.

Should you have any questions with this process you can contact the Vice President of Engagement and Involvement.

Not sure you want to start a club?

Starting a club is a lot of work. However, creating a club has a number of amazing opportunities to expand your leadership skills and be part of starting something new. It also allows other students to join and come together around a common interest.

Still worried? Reach out to the student life team and we will help you through the process.

Why start a club?

When you start your own club, you get, among other things, a feeling that you belong. The other things are: funding, the use of the Grays Harbor College logo, free use of the college facilities, opportunities to meet new people who have a common interests, and free advertising.

This is all really confusing, how can I talk to you face to face?

You can come by the Office of Student Life or email