Student Club FAQs

So you want to start a club. Now what?

I’m glad you asked. This is what you are going to do: Get ahold of a club packet, either online or from the Student Life Office. Once you have gotten one, just follow the directions and you are set.

Not sure you want to start a club?

Hey, no problem. This is actually pretty common. Starting a club is a lot of work. You have to fill out a packet, think of a name, and play fill-in-the-blanks with the club constitution. Yep, its hard, but its worth the effort.

Why start a club?

When you start your own club you get, among other things, a feeling that you belong. The other things are: Funding, the use of the Grays Harbor College logo, free use of the college facilities, and free advertising.

What are the requirements for starting a club?

In order to have your club recognized, you need to meet a few requirements. You need 10 members, an advisor, and a completed club packet. All members of the club must be students at Grays Harbor College and the advisor must be an employee of the College.

Hey man, this is all really confusing, how can I talk to you face to face?

My name is Lindsey Coulson and I am the Advisor in the Student Life Office. One of my focuses is working with Clubs and Organizations. You can come by and see me in the Student Life Office or email me at: I can also be reached by phone at 360-538-2527.