Gainful Employment Disclosures

Gainful Employment (GE) is a federal reporting and disclosure requirement for programs that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.  The full federal guideline can be found at 34 CFR 668.6.

Gainful Employment at Grays Harbor College includes only Title IV eligible programs offered by Workforce Education which result in a Cerficate of Completion.  Although Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Associate of Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T), and Associate of Technology (AT) degrees are not Gainful Employment programs and are not included in the Gainful Employment disclosures; many of our GE certificates are pathways to these degrees.

The following documents contain the required Gainful Employment information for all Title IV certificate programs offered at Grays Harbor College:

There are several issues to consider when reviewing the Gainful Employment (GE) Disclosures.

The number of students who complete in normal time.  These include students who start at GHC full-time and are continuously enrolled through the duration of the GE program.  This number eliminates:

  • ​​Students who do not enter the program immediately upon entering GHC
  • Students who skip a quarter (stop out)
  • Students who enroll in pre-college developmental courses or prerequisite courses before entering the program
  • Students who fail a course
  • Students who explore their options before entering a GE program

The job placement rate:  Students are considered in this figure if they have completed a certificate program and have left the community college system for one year.  Most certificate programs are stepping stones towards a workforce Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Associate of Technology (AT) degree, therefore the AAS or AT (which are not GE programs) is often the documented achievement and these students are NOT included in the job placement rate.  Students who are employed outside of Washington, Oregon, or Idaho are NOT included in the job placement rate.