GHC Foundation - Where to Give

There are numerous ways for you to support Grays Harbor College and its students! Your gifts have the power to transform not only higher education but the lives of people and our communities as well. Contact us to discuss your philanthropic interests and to explore various ways that you can make an impact.

General Excellence

Gifts made to the General Excellence Fund provide the greatest flexibility to meet the needs of the Foundation, the College, and its students.  These unrestricted gifts are incredibly valuable and allow the Foundation the ability to apply them towards immediate priorities, ranging from day to day operations to sudden emergencies, to emerging needs.

Student Support

In our ever-changing world, there are new economic realities and pressures faced by students and their families.  These challenges can often become financial barriers to students pursuing higher education.  Gifts that support scholarships, childcare services, emergency needs, and food insecurity are just a few ways you can support students at GHC.  These gifts allow critical needs to be met so that students can focus on academic success.

College Programs and Priorities

Grays Harbor College offers a variety of academic offerings, from Career and Technical Programs to four-year Bachelor of Applied Science degrees.  The dedicated faculty and staff at GHC strive to deliver relevant programs and opportunities for students to acquire knowledge, practice application and strengthen skill sets; all vital for serving as valuable members of our greater communities.  Your support can provide industry relevant equipment and unique experiences that advance educational opportunities at Grays Harbor College.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Let us help match your interests with a variety of programs and initiatives at Grays Harbor College.  Your gifts have the power to change individual lives, our community, and the world.  Contact us today!