GHC tuition covered for BAS-FRM students

Posted on: Apr, 9, 2018

GHC tuition covered for BAS-FRM students
Pictured are BAS-FRM students Theodore Elson, Chase Flemetis, James Garman, Riley Mowry, Jennilyn Franklin, Ryan Rohr, Michael Snyder, and Professor Alex Bastos, PhD.

For the next two years, tuition and fees covered for full-time students in Forestry Resource Management

ABERDEEN, WA (April 9, 2018) – Seven current students at Grays Harbor College (GHC) have been awarded a combined $26,000 in funding towards their bachelor degrees in Forest Resource Management. Through a partnership between Grays Harbor College and Green River College, grant funding from the US Department of Agriculture and the National Science Foundation assisted the colleges with start-up resources for the bachelor programs last year as well as provide financial support for outreach specialists focusing on veterans and tribal relationships. The grants also cover student fees and tuition for the 2-year bachelor degree programs in forestry.

These new programs have already accepted their first group of students, and the funding will be available for the next two years. Students interested in natural resources management, ecology research, forest harvesting, and drone and GPS technology should consider this local option for beginning or advancing their careers with local government agencies, improving management of privately-held lands, and private timber firms.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for GHC, our students and local employers, and the natural resources we have in our beautiful area,” said Lucas Rucks, Dean for Workforce Education. “This program allows for career advancement with some wonderful local employers, both private and government, but also continued learning in areas of managing working forests, the healthy timber lifecycle, conservation science, wildland fire, and surveying. We have a great opportunity available locally for anyone that enjoys working with their hands and loves being outdoors.”

“This is such a great opportunity,” first year student Jennilyn Franklin shared. “With this extra help I won’t have to worry so much about working next year as I complete the bachelor degree. I can focus on my studies and graduating!”

Students applying for this program must have earned an associate degree in Natural Resources, Forestry Technician, or a related field (these entry-level degrees are also offered at Grays Harbor College) with a 2.0 GPA before the next application deadline of June 30, 2018.

“Because there are more funds available than students, all students in this first group and the next two classes will receive full tuition paid for by grant funding,” shared Katie Dailey, GHC Bachelor Completion Facilitator. “I am looking forward to working with the next group of incoming students and sharing the fun news they won’t have any tuition expense.”

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Forestry Resource Management program is limited to 25 students per academic year. Deadline to apply is June 30, 2018. More information is available at or by requesting information from Katie Dailey at 360-538-4030 or