Take a Class on Us

Did the pandemic impact your plans to attend college or pursue career training? Grays Harbor College is here to help! It's time to enroll for fall quarter, and eligible students can take one class on us! This means GHC will cover the cost of one class this fall, at least five credits and up to $1000.

Sign Up to Take a Class On Us

Students who participated in the “Take a Class on Us” program in previous quarters are eligible to re-apply. Please note you need to complete a new form for each quarter.

The deadline to apply for this funding for Fall 2023 is 9/22/2023.

  • Step 1 – Sign-up to take a class on us.
  • Step 2 – If you’ve been away from GHC for 2+ years, please complete the Student Update Form and return it to the Welcome Center.  
  • Step 3 - All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Aid is available for both documented and undocumented students. Financial Aid resources include grants, loans, work-study (job) opportunities on campus, and more. 


The offer applies to eligible new, returning, and continuing students in credit-bearing classes and is only good for fall quarter. Please be sure to follow the steps to apply for this promotion and see the "Frequently Asked Questions" section below for the details.

This program is made possible by the pandemic relief funds distributed to the college by the federal government and allows us to assist students and pay for one class, at least five credits and up to $1000.


Email enrollment@ghc.edu if you have questions about your existing application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will GHC cover as part of this promotion?

During fall quarter, GHC will award up to $1000 to eligible students toward tuition and mandatory fees. The offer applies to eligible new, returning, and continuing students in credit-bearing classes and is made possible by the pandemic relief funds distributed to the college by the federal government.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to take one class on us, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Enroll in at least one credit-bearing class, for a minimum of 5 credits
  • Complete the short sign-up form to take a class on us 
  • Stay enrolled in at least 5 credits through the 10th day of fall quarter. *Please note that students receiving financial aid are subject to financial aid rules and regulations for any aid received. Contact the financial aid office at finaid@ghc.edu with any questions about how enrollment changes may impact your financial aid award and eligibility.

Students who participated in the “Take a Class on Us” promotion in previous quarters are eligible to re-apply. 

What is excluded from this promotion?

  • Continuing Education classes do not count toward the 5-credit minimum.
  • Credits taken as “Audit” (no grade) do not count towards the 5-credit minimum.
  • Some limitations apply for certain groups of students such as Running Start, and Transitional Studies.
  • Please see the ‘Am I Eligible?’ section below for more information.

I’m receiving a tuition waiver. How does this affect my eligibility?

  • Tuition and fee waivers reduce the total amount charged, which impacts eligibility for the promotion.
  • If you have a question about your tuition waiver and this promotion, please email enrollment@ghc.edu to discuss your situation.

How was this amount determined?

This amount is based on the in-state, lower division tuition and fees rate for a typical 5 credit class. More details about GHC tuition and fees.

When will the funds from this campaign be applied to my account?

Students can expect the funding to be released during the sixth week of the quarter. Funding will first be applied to any outstanding tuition balances. Awards will be processed in order of the submission date on the sign-up form. Please make sure to enroll in classes as soon as possible to avoid any delays in processing. 

How can I see how much I owe for tuition and fees?

Can I enroll in more than one class?

  • Yes!  Although this promotion will only pay up to $1000, which generally covers all tuition and fees for 5 credits of in-state, lower division credits, you should enroll in the classes that best fit your academic and personal goals. Please check in with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plan.
  • Other types of financial assistance to attend GHC are also available. Please visit the financial aid webpage to learn how to apply.

I am taking one five credit class and I'm being charged more than $1000. Will you pay for everything?

  • No. This amount is based on the in-state, lower division tuition and fees rate for 5 credits, estimated at $1000. If your tuition and mandatory fee charges exceed this amount, $1000 will be applied to your account and any remaining balance will need to be paid with other sources.
  • GHC’s tuition rates vary based on state residency, academic program, international student status, and other factors. Tuition and fees are set by GHC’s Board of Trustees according to rules set forth by Washington State law.

Can I take one class at no cost, if I do not plan to pursue a degree or certificate?

Yes. If the pandemic impacted your plans to attend college or pursue career training, you are eligible to take one class for free, up to 5 credits or $1000. In order to receive funding, the class must count toward a degree or program (even if you do not plan to continue taking classes in that degree or program after this class).

Can I have these funds be applied to a previous quarter’s debts?

No, but there may be CARES relief funds available for outstanding debt. Please complete the CARES Funding form to apply for funding for previous quarters (Spring 2020 through Fall 2023).

What should I know about emergency financial assistance grants at GHC?

Grays Harbor College is providing emergency financial assistance grants directly to students for any component of the student’s cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to the coronavirus, such as tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental health care), or childcare. This emergency grant does not have to be repaid and is not part of Title IV federal student aid funds.  

Your emergency financial assistance funds will be sent to BankMobile. If you do not have a BankMobile account or have not selected your refund preference, please visit this website for information on establishing your refund preference.  

If you are experiencing an unusual hardship there may be additional resources available to assist you. Here are important college resources to help you navigate learning and accessing student services and support programs to ensure your success as a student.  

Eligibility Questions

I am an applied bachelor’s degree student, am I eligible for this promotion?

Yes! Students in GHC’s applied bachelor’s degree programs are eligible to receive up to $1000 toward their tuition and fees. 

I am a running start student. How does this apply to me?

Some Running Start students receive a waiver that covers their class charges. Others are responsible for paying a portion of their tuition and fees. This promotion is available only to Running Start students who are paying their own charges. Those students will be eligible for up to $1000 from this promotion, up to a maximum of their direct out-of-pocket charges.

I am a student in Transitional Studies. How does this apply to me?

For students who are only enrolled in Transitional Studies classes, the quarterly tuition is $25. This offer will cover the $25 charge

If I participated in the promotion last quarter am I eligible to apply again?

Yes. Students who participated in the “Take a Class on Us” promotion in previous quarters are eligible to re-apply again this spring.