Total Withdrawal from All Classes

We encourage students to speak with an advisor to complete the paperwork to withdraw from all classes. This allows them to understand the repercussions of withdrawing and the resources available.

To do a total withdrawal, contact the Advising Center in the tulalW Student Center (3000) to speak with an advisor. If needed, this can be done by phone by calling 360-538-4099.

If you follow this procedure, you will receive a W grade for all your classes, which does not affect your grade point average. If you do not complete a Total Withdrawal Form, you could receive an F grade in your classes.

Repercussions to a Total Withdrawal

If you are on financial aid, a total withdrawal will cause your aid to be suspended. You also may owe money back to the College. There is a suspension appeal process for trying to get your aid reinstated. You can download the suspension appeal form or get a paper copy from Financial Aid by calling 360-538-4081.

Withdrawing from a Single Class

At GHC, the last day to officially withdraw from a single class is called “W” Day. “W” Day is the Thursday of the eighth week of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter, and Thursday of the fifth week for Summer quarter. The specific date for each quarter is posted in the Academic Calendar. A student cannot withdraw from a single course after “W” day. 

W grades will be included on the transcript and remain added to your attempted hours but will not be used in computing grade point average.

Students must contact the Welcome Center or complete an Add/Drop Form to officially withdraw from a class. Informing the instructor does not create a withdrawal. 

Students who are considering withdrawal from a course are strongly advised to consult with the instructor, advisor and financial aid prior to withdrawing. Withdrawal from one or more courses may negatively impact financial aid including a repayment of financial aid funds. Students should check with the Financial Aid Office or the Welcome Center regarding their individual situation.

Have Questions?

You can call us at 360-532-9020.  We can also be reached by email at