Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness Grant

The Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness (SSEH) Grant assists students experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity, or students that were in foster care at the time of graduating from high school.

ANY current Grays Harbor College student (regardless of what program they are in) who meets one of the eligibility requirements , may be eligible to receive support from this grant. Please read below to see if you may qualify. The purpose of SSEH Grant assistance is to provide a low barrier option for students who are experiencing emergency housing expenses or costs associated with hygiene products and laundry facilities. SSEH is not intended to provide ongoing relief of recurring expenses or as a consistent supplement for educational purposes.

Expenses Covered by SSEH Funding

Examples of housing emergencies to be considered include:

  • Eviction Prevention
  • New Rental Assistance
  • Emergency Housing
  • Hygiene Assistance
  • Laundry Assistance

Eligibility Requirements

All currently enrolled and actively attending Grays Harbor College students may apply for housing assistance.

  • Facing Eviction
  • Seeking new rental assistance
  • Homeless – Unsheltered
  • Homeless – Sheltered
  • Former foster you at time of high school graduation

Application Process

If you are experiencing an emergency that may affect your ability to complete your education, please fill out the application below and learn about additional resources available.

Apply for Basic Needs Funding