BAS-TE: Testing Requirements

The Professional Education Standards Board (PESB) determines testing requirements for all programs leading to teacher certification in WA State. The requirements for BAS-TE students are similar to those for all other teacher education programs in the state. See: PESB requirements for testing.

Students must attempt the WEST-B prior to entering the program. Students must pass the WEST-B prior to student teaching. See: More information about the WEST-B test.

Subject West-B SAT ACT
Math 240 515 (prior to 3/20/16)
530 (after 3/20/16)
Reading 240 500 (prior to 3/20/16)
27 (after (3/20/16)
Writing and Language (New SAT Section
240 490 (prior to 3/20/16)
28 (after 3/20/16)
8 (2/2005 to 8/2015)
23 (9/2015 to 8/2016)
8 (9/2016)

Students must attempt the National Evaluation Series (NES) Tests to demonstrate knowledge of the material being taught in K-8 prior to student teaching. Students must pass the NES test in order to become certified. Candidates must earn satisfactory passing scores of 220 or greater on each of the NES elementary education test (102/103) and the Essential Components of Elementary Reading Instruction.  For those earning a Special Education certification, passing the NES Special Education test with a 220 or better is required

Students must complete the Education Teachers Performance Assessment (edTPA) during their second year of the program. Passing requires earning a score of 40 or higher. 

For more information about these tests, please visit the following websites: