BAST: Testing Requirements

The Professional Education Standards Board (PESB) determines testing requirements for all teacher preparation programs in WA State. The requirements for BAST students align with the statewide programs. See: PESB requirements for testing.

WEST-B Tests
(test codes 095, 096, 097) or satisfactory SAT scores within past 3 years

By Sept. 1 of 1st year

Must attempt all three sections prior to starting the BAST program

NES Test Elementary Education
Subtest I and II
(test codes 102 and 103)

By Sept 1 of 2nd year

Must attempt before beginning 2nd year of the program and pass with a score of 220 or higher before graduating

(test code 051)
English Language Learners

By end of 2nd year of program

Must pass with a score of 240 or better to obtain ELL endorsement

For more information about these tests, please visit the following websites:

Student Teacher Portfolio

A teaching portfolio is a living document that reflects the education, experience and personal growth as a teacher. This portfolio will be a collection of documents that can be presented to an education hiring board that demonstrates the student as a teacher, complete with a sample of a lesson plan and presentation.  This portfolio will act as an enhancement to the student resume and should include any accolades and accomplishments received and any professional development courses taken.

This portfolio is the culmination project of the BAST program and is designed to assist students with developing a tool that can be used when seeking employment in the education field.