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The Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education (BAST) is designed for those with an associate's degree or higher to earn their BAS close to home.

This program empowers future educators to skillfully design and lead culturally responsive learning experiences. These experiences not only nurture English language skills and discipline-specific knowledge but also advocate for English Language Learners (ELL) within their school and community. Through hands-on practicum and student teaching sessions in local schools, students will seamlessly transition into the role of educators, primed and passionate to make a difference. This degree is designed with academic rigor, enabling graduates to apply directly to Master level programs throughout the state.  

BAST Program Application & Information

Application Deadline for Fall 2024 has been extended! Apply now through May 5th. For questions or assistance, please email teacher.education@ghc.edu

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education Program was developed to meet the employment needs of those currently working in the classroom without a teacher credential and other working adults. Classes are offered in the late afternoon at Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, Washington, with a two-year track. 

The curriculum includes core courses in theory as well as practical teaching. The program focuses on Elementary Education (K-8) certification and the English Language Learner’s endorsement.  This program is listed by OSPI as a state-approved teacher preparation program.
Students may have the opportunity to work with schools in Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, Elma, Hoquiam, Lake Quinault, Montesano, Naselle, North Beach, North River, Oakville, Ocean Beach, Ocosta, Raymond, South Bend, Taholah, Wishkah, and Willapa Valley.

Program Prerequisites

  • An earned associate or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Prerequisites may be taken in the two-year degree prior to the bachelor’s program
    • ENGL& 101, English Composition
    • ENGL& 102, English Composition II or ENGL& 235, Technical Writing
    • MATH& 131 and MATH& 132 or Any 5-credit college-level math course with Intermediate Algebra as a prerequisite
    • EDUC 201 (Winter quarter only) and EDUC 202 (Spring Quarter only) or EDUC& 205 or 1-year full-time experience in a structured educational K-8 setting (must apply for Prior Learning Credit)
    • ECED& 180, Language and Literacy Development
    • HIST& 219, Native American History
    • Any 5-credit college-level science with a lab
    • ENGL 233, Children’s Literature is recommended (Satisfies Humanities Area D)

Routes to the BAST program

Career Information

The degree is an approved teacher education program in the State of Washington. Successful completion of the program leads to a recommendation for a K-8 certificate with an Elementary Education endorsement. Grays Harbor College has not determined if this degree meets the state education requirements in any other state or any U.S. territory.

In addition to BAS-TE courses, applicants seeking Washington State residency teacher certification must complete the following:

  • Passing score of National Evaluation Series (NES) tests 102 and 103 Elementary Education subtests 1 & 2. These are content knowledge assessments required prior to being certified to teach in a particular subject area.
  • Successful completion of required clinical hours.

BAST Schedule

Total BAST courses/all quarters: 101 credits

Fall Quarter - Year 1

BAST 301 - Practicum I 2 credits

BAST 345 - ELA Methods 5 credits

BAST 380 - Understanding Learning 5 credits

BAST 430 - Social/Legal Foundations 5 credits

Winter Quarter - Year 1

BAST 302 - Practicum II 2 credits

BAST 355 - Reading Methods 5 credits

BAST 370 - Language and Culture 5 credits

BAST 421 - Classroom Management 5 credits

Spring Quarter - Year 1

BAST 303 - Practicum III 2 credits

BAST 360 - Assessment for Learning 5 credits

BAST 371 - Advanced Language and Literacy 5 credits

BAST 420 - Planning Instruction 5 credits

Fall Quarter - Year 2

BAST 325 - Math Methods 5 credits

BAST 326 - Science Methods 5 credits

BAST 365 - Social Studies Methods 5 credits

BAST 496 - Student Teaching I 3 credits

Winter Quarter - Year 2

BAST 330 - Teaching with Technology 2 credits

BAST 401 - Special Education Methods 4 credits

BAST 497 - Student Teaching II 10 credits

Spring Quarter - Year 2

BAST 335 - Methods for Teaching Arts 5 credits

BAST 372 - Professional Leadership and Advocacy 5 credits

BAST 498 - Student Teaching III 5 credits

BAST 499 - Capstone 1 credits