Teacher Preparation Fees/Costs

Tuition for the BAS-TE program is $7,182 for full-time status for the 2017-2018 year.  In addition to tuition, there are a number of fees and costs associated with becoming a teacher in Washington State. The fees encountered in the admission process and those needed to complete the State certification are not considered in the financial aid awarding.  However, those fees required prior to student teaching are wrapped into a student’s cost of attendance, thereby increasing the student’s need and potentially increasing their financial aid award.

BAS-TE Application and Other Program Fees

Required for admission

Items Cost

GHC College Application


BAS-TE Application Fee


WATCH Background Check*
This is a preliminary search without finger printing and is required for most school observation hours and the Practicums. * (No fee required if holding a Portable Background Check through the Department of Early Learning).


Washington Educator Skills Test-Basic (West-B) Reading, Writing, and Math (Test Code (095/096/097)

  • Single subtest: $75 (includes $40 subtest fee and $35 registration processing fee)
  • All 3 subtests: $155 (includes $120 test fee and $35 registration processing fee)

Required prior to entering student teaching

Items Cost

GHC Residency Fee (quarterly)


Finger Printing and Background Check
This background check is run through WSP as well as the FBI and is required prior to placement into student teaching.  This process can be completed through options A, B, C).

  • The ESD for $45.75, plus an ESD fee of $37.25 (FBI quality not assured).
  • Law Enforcement agency $45.75 (FBI quality not assured).
  • WSP The cost for processing fingerprints manually is $63.75 plus the WSP’s $19.00 processing fee. (FBI quality is assured).

CHARACTER AND FITNESS SUPPLEMENT Form 4020B completed and submitted


OSPI’s  Pre-residency Clearance
Washington State Electronic Certification System    (E-Certification) completed online.

 $68   http://www.k12.wa.us/Certification/e-Cert/E-CertificationCollegeCandidateUserGuide.pdf

Chalk and Wire Portfolio System †

  • 1 year: $46
  • 2 years: $77
  • 3 years: $88
  • 5 years: $99

Washington Educator Skills Test-Endorsement NES Elementary Education (Subtests I and II) (102/103) as well as the Essential Components of Elementary Reading Instruction.
* A limited number of vouchers are available from PESB, see certification officer. On a first come, first serve; must meet income guidelines.http://www.west.nesinc.com/Content/Docs/NES_FeeWaiverRequestForm.pdf

 $50 for one subtest, discounted if you take more than one test at a sitting
 $35 registration processing fee for any option


  • $300 for full assessment or full retake†
  • $200 for 2-task retake
  • $100 for single-task retake

Student will be charged a $300 fee in fall quarter of year 2 to cover the costs of the first full assessment EdTPA. Students are responsible for any resubmission or retake costs)

Fees required for certification after the completion of the BAS-TE Program

Items Cost

OSPI Certification Application

  • Residency Teacher & Sub: $128
  • Residency Teacher: $74
  • Substitute Teacher: $54

Revised 11/14/16