Transfer Planning FAQs

The following frequently asked questions should help to give you a good understanding of transfer planning.

What is a transfer degree?

A transfer degree is a 90-credit program that prepares a student to continue their academic studies at a 4-year college or university.  The credits earned can be transferred to a 4-year school and, in general, fulfill the general education requirements and some of the major requirements of a bachelors degree.  The general education requirements include the basic core courses that make up about one-third of the total credits needed for a 4-year degree.  The major requirements are the specific core classes required within a major area of study*.  GHC has four transfer degrees.  

What is a direct transfer agreement?

A direct transfer agreement (DTA) is an agreement between Washington state community colleges and 4-year colleges and universities.  These agreements assure the direct transfer of credits from a community college to a 4-year school.  Typically students who complete direct-transfer associate degrees are admitted to a 4-year school with junior standing and will have satisfied lower division general education credits.  The agreement does not assure automatic admission, since each 4-year institution has separate admission criteria, which are based on grades, test scores and other considerations.

Can I transfer to a school outside of Washington state?

If you are planning to transfer to an out –of-state school you should contact that school for information.  Work with an advisor from that school to determine their admission and general education requirements.  If possible, you should visit that school and meet with an admissions advisor.  Take a GHC catalog and your transcripts with you.

Can I transfer my credits even though I have not completed a degree?

Some students may decide to transfer to a 4-year school without completing a degree at GHC.  In this case credits are evaluated on a course-by-course basis by the transfer institution.  Some credits may be accepted for transfer and some may not.  This is determined by the transfer institution.

Most of the courses in the general college requirements and specified or general electives area of the GHC associate in arts or science requirements will be accepted as transfer credits.  However, this is not guaranteed.  If you are planning to transfer without a completed degree, consult with your assigned advisor to plan your classes based on the admission and core requirements of your transfer school.  Once you have selected a 4-year school it is extremely important to contact that transfer institution to have your transcripts and class selections evaluated as soon as possible.

Reasons a student might transfer without a completed degree include:

Moving away from the area and unable to continue classes at GHC.

Classes required for admission into chosen academic major at the transfer institution are not offered at GHC.  Students might decide to transfer to the institution and complete required courses for admission to their chosen major there.

Planning to transfer to a private or out-of-state 4-year school and the courses required for a completed degree here do not fulfill the 4-year school’s requirements.

Types of Degrees

Associates in Arts Degree

An Associate in Arts degree is an appropriate degree for students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree with a liberal arts major.  Examples of such majors are art, communications, English, history, political science, or sociology.

Associate in Science Degree

An Associate in Science degree is appropriate for students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree with a pre-professional or science major.  Examples of such majors are architecture, biology, dentistry, medicine, engineering or zoology.

Associate in Business - Direct Transfer Agreement

An Associate in Business - Direct Transfer Agreement (AB-DTA) is for students who intend to secure a Bachelors Degree in Business from a four-year college or university.

Associate in Pre-Nursing - Direct Transfer Agreement

An Associate in Pre-Nursing – Direct Transfer Agreement is appropriate for students planning to transfer to an upper division Bachelor of Science, Nursing (Entry-to-practice/basis BSN pathway).

*Please refer to the GHC General Catalog for specific degree requirements.