Phone Directory

Name Department Location Phone
Adamski, Greg
Instructor - ABE/GED
Stafford Creek Education P-1206 360-537-2017
Aiken, Sarah
Faculty - Transition Programs
Transition Programs 2215 360-538-4162
Aldcroft, Julie
Faculty - Adjunct
Alstrom, Marcy
Recruitment - Admissions Manager
Student Services 118 360-538-2524
Alt, Jennifer
Vice President of Student Services
Student Services 116 360-538-4066
Anderson, Kristy
Chief of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning
Institutional Research 2427 360-538-4151
Arquette, Richard
Director Of Student Life
Student Life 171 360-538-4078
Arthur, Gary
Program Coordinator / Student Advisor
Native Pathways and Social Science 507 360-538-4209
Atwell-Tobar, Annalee
Pathways Navigator
Transition Programs 360-538-2537
Aukland, Michael
Instructional Assistant - Chemistry
Chemistry 4428 360-538-4122
Name Department Location Phone
Bailey, Bruce
Outreach Specialist
Columbia Education Center Ilwaco Front Desk 360-538-2539
Bancroft, Deborah
Reference Librarian
Library 1551 360-538-4054
Banks, Okera
Barker, Kathy
Faculty - Reading
Reading 2212 360-538-4168
Barker, Sam
Faculty - Accounting
Accounting Program 360-470-6154
Barnes, Nathan
Faculty - Art
Art 4125 360-538-4176
Barnes, William
Campus Operations
Barr, Katie
Faculty - ASL
American Sign Language
Bates, Todd
Faculty - Forest Resources Management
Forest Resources Management 4317 360-538-2517
Baze, Monica
Faculty - Biology
Biology 4320 360-538-4180
Bertot, Alana
Clerical Assistant - Business Office
Business Office 2331 360-538-2519
Betts, Donny
Instructor - Building Trades
Stafford Creek Education U-1055 360-537-2020
Bishop-Knutson, Michelle
Maintenance Custodian
Campus Operations
Blankenship, Scott
Faculty - Business Technology
Business Technology 2209 360-538-4170
Blaufuss, Angie
Program Assistant - Welcome Center
Admissions and Records 140 360-538-4026
Blum, David
Faculty - Carpentry Technology
Carpentry Technology 7231 360-538-4130
Blumberg, Jackie
Procurement & Supply Specialist
Administrative Services 2306 360-538-4037
Boakye, Kwabena
Vice President of Administrative Services
Administrative Services 2303 360-538-4221
Boerner, Paula
Program Coordinator
Stafford Creek Education P-1207 360-537-2146
Brener, Laura
Interim Vice President for Instruction
Instruction 2419 360-538-4010
Brogan, Debi
Faculty - Nursing
Nursing 4220 360-538-4144
Bromley, Lindsay
Office Assistant SCCC
Stafford Creek Education P-1220 360-537-2003
Brown, Dave
Student Support Specialist
TRIO Programs 1510 360-538-2518
Brown, Shawn
Adjunct Faculty
Community Education
Brown-Williams, Natasha
Clerical Assistant
Bruner, Mike
Head Coach - Baseball
Burton, Robert
Head Coach - Womens Basketball
Busch, Valerie
Library and Archives
Library Library 360-538-4052
Name Department Location Phone
Cabezas, Erin
Placement And Testing Assistant
Counseling and Advising 360-538-4099
Camenzind, Nicole
Clerical Assistant
Workforce Funding and Support
Capoeman, Charisse
Food Service Worker
Food Service 360-538-4249
Carlisle, Mat
Carrigan, Kathy
Program Manager
Stafford Creek Education P-1219 360-537-2009
Carriker, Karen
Program Assistant - Nursing
Nursing 4215 360-538-4244
Cavin, Darby
Faculty - English
Humanities 2120 360-538-4008
Chapin, Natasha
Faculty - Nursing
Nursing 4223 360-538-4138
Chesterman, Jon
Campus Operations 360-532-9020
Christmas, Lori
Running Start Coordinator
Student Services 142 360-538-2526
Clark, Lainey
Campus Operations
Clary, John
Instructor, Welding
Stafford Creek Education U-1050 360-537-2010
Collen, Kari
Interim Dean Of Student Access And Success
Admissions and Records 117 360-538-4121
Conley, Andrea
Faculty - Medical Assistant Program
Medical Assistant Program 2110 360-538-4282
Cope, Jenel
Faculty - History/Political Science
History/Political Science 2116 360-538-4163
Cornett, Trisha
Faculty - Nursing
Cornwell, Melissa
Instructor - Business Management
Stafford Creek Education P-1222 360-537-1800
Cornwell, Michael
Human Services Faculty - SCCC
Stafford Creek Education
Cortinas, Dominic
Faculty - Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice 360-470-6154
Cotta, Jeffery
Adjunct Faculty
Cristobal, Kim
Faculty - Nursing
Nursing 4221 360-538-4213
Criswell, Allison
Faculty - English
Humanities 2122 360-538-4142
Crollard, Matt
Maintenance Mechanic
Campus Operations 7217 360-538-2502
Crowell, Barbara
Food Service Manager
Food Service 103 360-538-4249
Cummings, Michael
Head Coach - Women's Softball
Cutshaw, Katie
Adjunct Faculty - ALSA
Workforce Education
Name Department Location Phone
Danner, Karen
Faculty - Anthropology
Social Sciences 360-267-8466
Daugherty, PJ
Program Specialist - Foundation Accountant
Foundation 2401 360-538-4024
David, Brian
Faculty - Spanish
Spanish 2317 360-538-4102
Davis, Brian
Head Coach - Womens Golf
Davison, Jason
Classroom and User Support
Information Technology SCCC 360-537-2018
Demmert, Nicole
USDA Grant Tribal Support Specialist
Community Education 2112 360-538-4178
DenAdel, Peter
Computer Operations
Information Technology 850 B 360-538-4220
Deverse, Nancy
Advisor, Student Services
Student Services 118 360-532-4143
Do, Taya
Faculty - Mathematics
Mathematics 4417 360-538-4091
Dorsch, Ian
Faculty - Music
Music 2361 360-538-4192
Dorsch, Joy
Faculty - Music
Music 2361 360-538-4192
Duffy, Brad
Faculty - Drama
Drama 2364 360-538-4172
Dulin, Caitlin
Retail Clerk 2
Bookstore Bookstore
Dyer, Barbara
Fiscal Analyst
Business Office 2329 360-538-4047
Dyer, Bill
Faculty - Music
Music 2365 360-538-4171
Dykes, Jeff
Faculty - Biology
Biology 360-538-4114
Name Department Location Phone
Edwards, Cole
Assistant Coach - Baseball
Edwards, Matt
Director - Institutional Research & Reporting
Institutional Research 2426 360-538-4113
Erickson, Chrissie
Faculty - Medical Assistant Program
Medical Assistant Program 2109 360-538-4119
Espedal, Maureen
Assistant for the Vice President for Instruction
Instruction 2421 360-538-4009
Estergard, Nancy
Workforce and Community Education Director
Workforce Education 2409 360-538-4012
Name Department Location Phone
Ferry, Brittany
Faculty, HS+ Advisor
Transition Programs 2214 360-538-4025
Foreman, Cynthia
Faculty - Adjunct
Forkum, Angela
Facuty - Adjunct
Foss, Linda
Adjunct Faculty
Franke, Paula
Faculty - Mathematics
Mathematics 862 360-538-4177
Franklin, Jennilyn
Instructional Assistant - Natural Resources
Workforce Education
Frederickson, Clifford
Faculty - Accounting
Accounting Program 360.537.3201
Friberg, Susan
Adjunct Faculty
Frost, Michelle
Clerical Assistant - Campus Operations
Campus Operations 7205 360-538-4007
Fruh, Rebekah
Adjunct Faculty
Fuhrer, Aleta
Business Office Special Projects
Business Office 2325 360-538-4048
Name Department Location Phone
Gaines, Andrew
Faculty - Theater/Communications
Theatre/Communications 2364 360-538-4172
Garcia, Tony
Associate Director of TRiO
TRiO 1514 360-538-4098
Gibby, Roberta
BFET Coordinator
Workforce Funding and Support 865 360-538-4165
Gibson, Stephanie
Customer Service Specialist
Cashier 120 360-538-4040
Gillies, Jen
Program Coordinator - Opportunity Grant / BFET
Workforce Funding and Support 854 360-538-4155
Gillies, Michele
Bookstore Clerk
Bookstore Bookstore
Glass, Andrew
Chief Executive for Information Technology
Information Technology 869 360-538-2500
Goldberg, Jane
Director - Public Relations
Administration 2403 360-538-4005
Gosser, Michael
Campus Operations Stafford Creek P-2003
Graham, Christopher
Instructor, ABE/GED
Stafford Creek Education P-2003 360-537-2013
Graves, Deanna
Faculty - Transitions
Groth, Harold
Instructional Assistant - Automotive
Automotive Technology 360-538-4020
Name Department Location Phone
Hager, Laurie
Accommodated Testing Proctor
Admissions and Records 2117 360-538-4129
Hager, Tomokazu
TRIO Tutor
Haire, Brian
Campus Operations 360-538-4083
Halstenson, Jolene
Reference Librarian
Hammonds, Carmen
Payroll Coordinator
Human Resources 2310 360-538-4046
Harvey, Chad
Campus Operations
Harvey, Elisa
Program Assistant - Counseling and Advising
Counseling and Advising 140 360-538-4099
Hasbrouck, Kari
Faculty - Music
Music 2362 360-538-4215
Helland, Terry
Instructional Assistant - Welding
Welding Technology 360-538-4176
Hillier, John
Faculty - Science
Sciences 4419 360-538-4200
Hitchcock, Amy
Adjunct Faculty - Raymond
Riverview Education Center Riverview Education Center
Hogaboom, Ralph
IT System Administrator
Information Technology 867 360-538-4187
Holder, Matt
Computer Operations
Information Technology 850 C 360-538-4153
Holliday, Judy
Faculty - Adjunct
2406 360-538-2525
Hood, Margo
Administrative Assistant for the VP of Student Services
Student Services 110 360-538-4066
Humber, Karen
Faculty - Adjunct
Name Department Location Phone
Israel, Melanie
Faculty - Business Management
Business Management 2117 360-538-4021
Name Department Location Phone
Jacklin, Peter
Campus Operations 360-538-4020
James, Lance
Business Faculty - SCCC
Stafford Creek Education 131 360-538-4120
James, Penny
Assistant for the Vice President for Administrative Services
Administrative Services 2305 360-538-4034
Jasper, Cindy
Program Coordinator - Financial Aid
Financial Aid 120 360-538-4084
Jeffries, Patricia
USDA Grant Support Specialist
Community Education 2409 360-538-4070
Jenkins, Vickie
Bookstore Manager
Bookstore 103 360-538-4107
Jimenez, Ben
Faculty - ELA
Transition Programs
Johansson, Curtis
Web Content Specialist
Information Technology 850
Johnson, Dalton
Adjunct Faculty
Instruction 2319 360-538-4156
Johnson, Laurie
Switchboard Operator
Admissions and Records 130 360-538-4100
Jones, Darin
Chief Executive of Human Resources
Human Resources 2308 360-538-4234
Name Department Location Phone
Kangas-Hanes, Jesse
Faculty - Automotive Technology
Automotive Technology 1917 360-538-4131
Kangas-Hanes, Sarah
Faculty - Adjunct
Kargbo, Lindsey
Faculty - Nursing
Karnath, Randy
Maintenance Mechanic
Campus Operations 7209 360-538-4118
Kaylor, Vivian
Counseling and Advising 141 360-538-4093
Keller, Peter
Director Of Workforce Funding And Support Programs
Workforce Funding and Support 853 360-538-4262
Kelly, Andrew
Adjunct faculty
Khandro, Linda
Faculty - Science
Krause, Lisa
Human Resource Consultant
Human Resources 2309 360-538-4257
Kraves, Dawn
Automotive Technology Faculty
Automotive Technology
Kuester, Tom
Faculty - Mathematics
Mathematics 4416 360-538-4197
Name Department Location Phone
Lake, Jason
OCM Coordinator And Project Assistant
Information Technology 852 360-538-4146
Lano, Jamie
Program Assistant
Institutional Research
Layman, Emilee
College Program Specialist
Riverview Education Center
Lenz, Melissa
Computer Lab Manager
Information Technology 2313 360-538-4158
Lozano, Sandra
Program Assistant - Transitions
Transition Programs 2218 360-538-4167
Lynam, Erin
Corrections Education Navigator
Stafford Creek Education
Name Department Location Phone
Macht, Chris
Coordinator of Campus Operations
Campus Operations 7213 360-538-4020
Madrid, Krystal
College Program Specialist
Riverview Education Center
Mahoney, Patrick
Forest Resource Management Instructor
Forest Resources Management 4318 360-538-4033
Maki, Tiffany
Director - Concert Band
Marbut, Teresa
Adjunct Faculty
Marks, Molly
Faculty - Workforce & Transitions
Transition Programs
Martin, Patrick
Faculty - Mathematics
Mathematics 4421 360-986-5996
Martinez, Marisela
Faculty - Basic Education
Transition Programs
Mauter, Dale
Diesel Faculty (Temp)
Workforce Education
McDonald, Rod
Faculty - Welding
Welding Technology 1913 360-538-4125
McGuire, Rick
Maintenance Mechanic
Campus Operations 7218 360-538-4115
McIntosh, Tricia
Faculty - Transition Programs
Transition Programs 2405 360-538-4240
Mechler, Hannah
Faculty - Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education 2405 360-538-4240
Medina, Juan
Michael, Thomas
Faculty - Art
Art 4219
Miles, Anna
Bookstore Clerk
Miller, Julie
Faculty - Nursing
Nursing 4219 360-538-4075
Miller, Nellie
Fiscal Technician
Business Office 2327 360-538-4044
Minkler, Jim
Administration 2428 360-538-4000
Minton, David
Adjunct Faculty
Transition Programs
Molinero, Anthony
Faculty - Chemistry
Chemistry 4420 360-538-4203
Montoure, Amy
Faculty - Mathematics
Mathematics 4418 360-538-4204
Moody, Mark
I-BEST Instructor - Welding
Welding 360-538-4125
Muir, Diane
Faculty - History
History 2118 360-538-4039
Name Department Location Phone
Navarro, Juan
Student Life Specialist
Student Life 360-538-2527
Neiworth, James
Faculty - English
Humanities 2321 360-538-4141
Nelson, Julie
Faculty - Chemistry
Chemistry 4423 360-538-4198
Noland, Stephanie
Human Resource Consultant 2 (HRC2)
Human Resources 2311 360-538-4041
Norris, Harvey
Campus Operations Riverview Education Center - Raymond 360-538-4023
Name Department Location Phone
O'Connor, Michelle
IT System Administrator
Information Technology 866 360-538-4056
O'Neal, Carol
Associate Dean of Nursing
Nursing 4216 360-538-4147
Obias, Travis
Maintenance Mechanic
Campus Operations 7222 360-538-2501
Oestreich, Art
Bishop Center Technician
Bishop Center Bishop Center
Oropeza, Alejandra
Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
Name Department Location Phone
Parker, Janet
Grounds & Nursery Specialist
Campus Operations 7229 360-538-4117
Parker, Jon
Application, Data, and Web Operations
Information Technology 868 360-538-4175
Pastrana, Alex
Student Ambassador
Patrick, Anna
Clerical Assistant - Library
Library 1515 360-538-4191
Pendergast, Rose
Program Coordinator - Instruction
Instruction 2421 360-538-4094
Penner, Keith
Chief of Campus Operations
Campus Operations 360-538-4154
Perron, Daniel
Adjunct Faculty
Workforce Education
Peterson, Jayme
Dean for Education
Stafford Creek Education P-1218 360-537-2001
Petheram, Phil
Computer Operations
Information Technology 850 A 360-538-4245
Phernetton, Lindsey
Program Coordinator - Financial Aid
Financial Aid 120 360-538-2523
Pierog, Paige
Study Leader - Fish Lab
Instruction 360-538-2537
Pine, Kevin
Program Advisor
Pine, Phillip
Head Coach - Men's Wrestling
Athletics Gym
Plagge, Anita
Adjunct Faculty
Plagge, Tim
Faculty - Biology
Biology 4322 360-538-4183
Poisso, Matt
Faculty - Nursing
Nursing 4222 360-538-4148
Poole, Teri
Food Service Worker
Food Service 360-538-4110
Portmann, Alexandria
Clerical Assistant - Government Relations
Student Life
Portmann, Chris
Faculty - Social Sciences
Social Sciences 2121 360-538-4014
Potter, Leon
Adjunct Faculty
Transition Programs
Pratt, Adam
Faculty - Carpentry Technology
Carpentry Technology 704 360-538-4130
Name Department Location Phone
Quarles, Stacey
Program Assistant - Workforce Funding and Support
Workforce Funding and Support 814 360-538-4058
Quercia, Owen
Food Service Worker
Food Service
Name Department Location Phone
Ramsey, Anne
Ramsey, Anne
Reino, Jaime
Faculty - Mathematics
Mathematics 4424 360-538-4195
Relyea, Darrelyn
Faculty - Business Technology
Business Technology 2210 360-538-4161
Reth, Rath
Grounds - 1050
Campus Operations
Rich, Nichole
Security Assistant
Campus Operations
Richters, Debbie
Program Coordinator - Worker Retraining
Workforce Education 852 360-538-4095
Richters, Kelly
Instructor - Building Trades
Stafford Creek Education U-1058 360-537-2015
Rider, Patricia
Student Success Navigator - ABAWD
Workforce Funding and Support 855 360-538-4231
Rider, William
Athletic Director
Athletics 360-538-4207
Riggs, Rhonda
Associate Director of Accessibility and Veterans Services
Student Services 146 360-538-4099
Rodgers, Robert
Adjunct Faculty
Workforce Education
Rodriguez, Mario
College Program Specialist
Columbia Education Center
Rolfe-Maloney, Brenda
Faculty - Social Sciences
Social Sciences 2119 360-538-4242
Roos, Michelle
Program Coordinator - TRiO
TRiO 1512 360-538-4076
Roush, Adrienne
Library 1553 360-538-4053
Rucks, Lucas
Dean for Workforce Education
Workforce Education 2423 360-538-4013
Name Department Location Phone
Sahlinger, Camden
Workforce Funding & Support Programs Coordinator
Workforce Funding and Support 856 360-538-4077
Sanchez, Ambrocia
Faculty - Nursing
Nursing 4223 360-538-4138
Savino, Stacey
Assistant Dean for Financial Aid
Financial Aid 119 360-538-4082
Sawin, James
Adjunct Faculty - Teacher Education
Baste Teacher Ed
Sawyer, Toby
Adjunct Faculty
Schmaltz, Heidi
Adjunct Faculty
Schnoor, Lisha
Adjunct Faculty
Schreiner, Susan
Associate Dean For Library, E-Learning And Learning Support Services
Library 1552 360-538-4051
Scott, LaDonna
Faculty - Commercial Truck Driving
Commercial Truck Driving 2115 360-581-7961
Seta, Kenji
Student Support Specialist
TRiO 1511 360-538-4060
Shedley, Deanna
Program Coordinator - Financial Aid
Financial Aid 120 360-538-4080
Sherman, Brian
Campus Operations
Shinabery, Jason
Campus Operations
Shofner, Eric
Adjunct Faculty - NR
Workforce Education
Shook, Brian
Counselor & Transfer Advisor
Counseling and Advising 144 360-538-4015
Simpson-Graham, Jennifer
Library Clerical Assistant
Slover, Guy
Instructor - ABE/GED
Stafford Creek Education P-1205 360-537-2006
Smaciarz, Kent
Riverview Education Center Riverview Center 360-538-4023
Smith, David
Program Coordinator - Campus Operations
Campus Operations 7206 360-538-4114
Smith, Diane
Associate Dean for Transition Programs
Transition Programs 2216 360-538-4181
Smith, John
Smith, Lisa
Executive Director of GHC Foundation/Director of College Development
Foundation 2402 360-538-4243
Smith, Tiffany
Faculty - Social Sciences
Social Sciences 2115 360-538-4225
Snell, Brian
Math Faculty SCCC
Stafford Creek Education P-2204 360-537-1800
Snyder, Lori
Adjunct Faculty
BAS Programs
Sonmore, Kristi
Program Coordinator - Financial Aid
Financial Aid 120 360-538-4152
Sorensen, Maggie
Stearns, Tom
Faculty - English
Humanities 1516 360-538-4246
Stevenson, Cara
Library and Archives
Library 1550 360-538-4057
Stewart, Chance
Instructor - Sociology
Stratton, Marjie
Program Coordinator - Workforce Education
Workforce Education 2434 360-538-4011
Suzuki, Aki
Faculty - Japanese Instructor
Name Department Location Phone
Thompson, Terry
Custodian 2
Campus Operations
Thornton, JEB
Director - Grant Development
Administration 2404 360-538-4022
Thornton, Stephanie
Student Ambassador
Tighe, Jay
Veterans Services Navigator
Counseling and Advising 143 360-538-4273
Todd, Monica
Faculty - Nursing
Nursing 4218 360-538-4150
Tung, Sarina
TRIO Student Support Specialist
TRiO 1511 360-538-4237
Turner, Paul
College Readiness/Transitions Instructor
Workforce Funding and Support 112 360-538-4264
Name Department Location Phone
Updegrove, Rachel
Biology Lab Technician
Ushman, Alexander
Adjunct Faculty
Workforce Education
Ushman, Tracey
Faculty - Business
Business 2114 360-538-4173
Name Department Location Phone
Van Kuren, Shannon
Fiscal Specialist 2
Business Office 2328 360-538-4045
Vargas, Matthew
Athletics - Program Manager/Head Men's Basketball Coach
Athletics 508 360-538-4210
Vaughn, Jessica
Passport Liaison
TRiO 1512
Vicente, Irvin
Assistant Soccer Coach
Villarreal, Nancy
Adjunct Faculty
BAS Programs
Name Department Location Phone
Wakefield, David
Williams, Kelly
Carpentry Instructional Assistant
Carpentry Technology
Williams, Patricia
Program Specialist, Student Support Center
Admissions and Records 145 360-538-4216
Winkelman, Gail
Program Manager - Admissions and Records
Admissions and Records 130 360-538-4028
Winn, Jeremy
eLearning Coordinator
Library 1517 360-538-4085
Winsor, Shiloh
Faculty - English
Humanities 2213 360-538-4214
Womac, Patrick
Faculty - BASTE
2404 360-538-4160
Wood, Heidi
Program Support Supervisor - Transitions
Transition Programs 2211 360-538-4031
Woods, Nathaniel
Human Services Faculty
Human Services 2113 360-538-4145
Woods, PageCarol
Student Success Navigator for Athletics
Athletics 503 360-538-2508
Name Department Location Phone
Yankey, Evan
Instructional Assistant - Diesel
Diesel Mechanics
Name Department Location Phone
Zelasko, Sandy
Assistant for the President
Administration 2429 360-538-4000
Zerr, Mark
Faculty - Business Management
Business Management 2322 360-538-4137
Zumstein, Keilah
Clerical Assistant - Information Technology
Information Technology 850 360-538-2504